Q:  I am using iOS on an iPad and I am getting “installl Flash” errors.

A: Most iPad users can view the video automatically as .mp4. Some users of the latest version iPad have experienced this issue. If installing and using Chrome browser does not work try “Photon X Private Flash Browser” from the app store.

Q: When I click on a video link the player opens but I get “flash: Video file not found”. What’s wrong?

 A: This just means you are not logged in. We were forced to use a new software for our video player and are still working out the kinks. Please log in first to view subscription videos.

Q: What file format are the subscription videos and what player is required?

 A: The paid subscription videos are all encoded as FLV and MP4 video. FLV videos are served via an embedded FLASH player in a  “Shadow Box” style overlay. iOS users are served the MP4 version using the native Quicktime player on your device. You should not need any additional software to view the video content on our web site.

Q: I keep getting re-directed to the log in screen when trying to view video on my iPad.

A: There is a known issue for some iPad users where safari does not handle the log in cookie properly. If this occurs try downloading the Chrome browser for iPad here. If Chrome does not work for you also try “Photon X Private Flash Browser” from the app store.

Q: How can I add to, or renew my subscription?

A: After you login click the “Profile Page” link at the bottom of the video login box. This will take you to your subscription profile where you can add to or renew your subscriptions.

Q: I forgot my username/password can you help?

A: If you have forgotten your login information go to the login page and enter your email address or username into the form at the bottom and click the “Get Password” button and your information will be emailed to you.

Q: I am still having trouble ordering. What should I do?

A: For all questions relating to ordering or billing please send a detailed message about your specific issue to: admin@goldgold.com. Please put “Billing Help” in the subject line.

Q: I did not find an answer to my question here. What can I do?

A: If you have a question that is not addressed here, please send an email with a detailed explanation to: admin@goldgold.com. Please put “Video Question” in the subject line. We will continue to update this page as  any new questions come to light.