Dave McCracken

“Hey did you know there is still a lot of gold to be found today? It’s true; experts say that only 5% of all gold has been found.

I’m Dave McCracken and I founded The New 49’ers Prospecting Association back in 1986 for the purpose of providing the best, and the most, small-scale gold mining opportunities available to you anywhere in America. And I have done it!”  Dave’s Personal Guarantee

The New 49’ers was started to help make it easy for people to find gold. How? Well…

The New 49’ers…
Provides gold seekers with good gold locations and year-round access for gold prospecting of many types.
Provides very comfortable services, where whole families can prospect together in search of high-grade gold.
Provides the most informative learning opportunities available anywhere in the world in nearly all aspects of modern small-scale gold prospecting and mining procedures — from gold pans, to electronics, to underwater dredging.
Provides organized group mining programs, so that participants can become directly involved with focused projects that are managed by experts, to locate and recover high-grade gold, learn from doing, and receive an equal share of the gold recovered.

Start YOUR Gold Prospecting Adventure Today!

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