We sponsor a potluck on Saturday evening each time we do a Weekend Group Project and on other occasions. These events take place at one of the several community halls in Happy Camp. We begin at 6:30 PM. Everyone is welcome! Bring a meal to feed 5, and what you like to drink.

Our Saturday night potlucks have been a part of every summer since the Club was formed. They are not only very popular because they give members a time and place to interact, and become friends; but because they give our members an opportunity to show how miners can help miners. We are quick to provide help to one another, share our knowledge to help solve a problem, and we will share quick tips and helps for problems specific to the area.

They also provide an opportunity to let up a bit, for prospectors who come for short periods, as they attempt to work too hard, in general. This greatly decreases their efficiency.

With people coming from all over the country and everyone contributing a big dish, the food is plentiful for guys that have been dredging all day, and people’s whose appetites have grown from all the wonderful outdoor exercise they’re getting.

We rent one of the local community service halls for these potlucks. After a wonderful meal of potluck food, folks sit back, and Dave introduces the visitors or new members in attendance and where they are from; brings everyone up-to-date on any new gold strikes found during the last week on Club claims, and anyone present is welcome to show off their finds of the week, or any finds for that matter. Everyone loves to look at gold!

Then, we have a drawing to benefit our Goodwill Fund. This fund is used to help people in the community who are in need; burned out, sick or hurt and unable to get wood, or any other calamity, and goes a long way toward building good feeling toward the large group of members and guests who invade this small town in summer.

The drawing features items purchased by the Club, and some who are donated by Club members. Some of the most exciting are gold nuggets and nugget jewelry, when they are contributed.

It’s a lot of fun, and once the regular festivities are over, people get together in groups to talk together about their week, or help someone solve a problem, or any number of other conversations. Then all go home to get a good night’s sleep knowing they’ll be energized by this break, and their prospecting will be more successful because of it.


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