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“161 outstanding video segments provide visual demonstrations to support 24 of the most important stories and articles on the 49’er web site”

Dave Mack

Watch valuable real life examples of pay-streaks forming during the raging 1997 “major flood storm” on the Klamath River in California. You can actually see the flow dynamics of how a major storm creates pay-streaks within a waterway!

Now you can watch visual demonstrations of all the important theories and techniques as they are explained in the text of my how-to articles. You can read about it and look at the images; but actually seeing it play out on video should vastly improve your understanding of the most important principles and techniques!

Join me on my adventures to wild and exotic places like Sumatra, Madagascar, the Philippines and the Forbidden Zone of Cambodia. Dive in the dangerous muddy waters alongside of me, my brave helpers and local village-miners. Experience the personal challenge of overcoming nearly impossible conditions, and then feel the excitement of bringing riches in gold and gemstones to the surface under the watchful eye of armed soldiers. This is not fiction; it is serious true-life adventure!

We are continuously developing more important and exciting video segments to be added to our web-library!

Thank you for making the New 49er newsletter and the New 49er web site among the best Gold Prospecting publications online today!

All the best

Dave Mack