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Please Oppose Assembly Bill 1032

This is not the same bill that you voted for before on the Assembly Floor. AB 1032 has been amended so many times in so many different ways that it seems it is designed to confuse the Legislature!

The bill closes California rivers and streams to suction dredge gold mining without any environmental review or public process!

The closures in the bill are based upon the “opinions” of two Department of Fish and Game (DFG) biologists in a recent court case. The judge did not accept these “opinions,” ruling that DFG must do a fair and honest environmental review prior to implementing any closures.

AB 1032 closes rivers and streams before any review is done.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that suction dredge gold mining causes no harm to fish when the activity is done within existing California regulations. Suction dredge gold mining is already heavily regulated. It is limited to only 2-3 months per year on most waterways.

AB 1032 closes many waterways all year round without providing any biological justification.

Many suction dredge gold miners possess federal mining claims. Others own private property along these waterways. These are real property rights which belong to thousands of Americans. By closing the rivers year round, the state will in effect “take” these property rights from the property owners.

AB 1032 will destroy a vibrant part of California’s ongoing golden heritage, undermine the economies of rural counties and deny citizens pre-existing property rights – all without providing any demonstrable benefit to the public. Passage of AB 1032 will undoubtedly lead to expensive litigation as citizens have their property rights taken from them.

Please vote “No” on this measure when it comes before the California Assembly.


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