That’s okay, we’ll show you how. We have hands-on, weekend group mining projects approximately three weeks apart, all summer long, which will help you to get started mining the right way!

To gain more experience, Dave McCracken is organizing week-long group mining projects where each participant will share an equal part of the gold recovered.

Full and associate members can attend any of the scheduled 2-day mining projects, as often as they like, FREE!

Don’t know where to mine for gold?

You can mine anywhere you wish on the many linear miles available to you (more than 60) of gold-bearing property, but help is there if members want it, FREE! Helpful communication in the office, detailed maps, and well marked claims will help you locate an appropriate area. And, with the training you receive, experience and interaction with other members, you’ll soon be able to recognize a good spot wherever you go!

Don’t know what equipment you want to use to prospect for gold?

That’s fine–don’t be in a hurry! Work with someone else until you decide how you want to do it. There are people using many types of equipment here, off and on all summer long, and you can get a very good idea from watching or helping here along the properties which the Club makes available.

You want to know if our claims still have gold on them?

You bet they do! Members bring in gold all year long up here, because in this area members can mine all year on the Klamath River, FREE! And, we are expecting a banner year for gold! Read about some recent discoveries here!

Don’t know if you’re ready to commit to long term payments?

That’s okay! With the structure of our organization, there are no long-term commitments. If you find you don’t use it, you can sell your interest, give it away, or drop it –no further commitment. And, there is NO INTEREST on membership payments to our organization! You only have to pay a $200 down payment, and make monthly payments of $22.50! What do you have to lose? The only way you can lose is to NOT take advantage of it–The New 49’ers is the best thing going for small-scale gold prospectors!

Convinced yet? Don’t rush, there’s more, and it’s all FREE! Send for a complete packet of information, and be sure to ask about our low-cost introductory programs. We even have a free video!

We all live right here in Happy Camp, and our staff works hard all year to make sure that you will have no hassles when you come to prospect. They’re here to take care of your problems and help you enjoy yourself in the peaceful serenity of our beautiful area — we want you to succeed, and to have so much fun and adventure that it will last you an entire lifetime!