Forest Service regulations in Siskiyou County allow anyone to camp anywhere in the National Forest (as long as the location is not posted as a “no camping” area) for up to 14 days without the need for any permits or notice to anyone. This includes the areas where our claims are located. In addition to the normal 14-day allowance, our New 49’er program with the U.S. Forest Service in the Klamath National Forest allows our members to camp on or near many of our mining properties as long as you like during the mining season, providing you maintain a clean, sanitary camp and are actively prospecting.

We have designated New 49’er long-term campgrounds (meaning that members can stay there longer than the normal 14-day limit) on or near our mining areas. These camps are readily accessible to 2-wheel drive vehicles and RV’s. We have a great deal of space for RV or tent dry camping.

There are also full-service RV parks, motels, and home and trailer rentals in the immediate area for those who prefer these types of accommodations. Most have very reasonable rates, and some extend special discounts to New 49’er members and guests. We recommend you inquire and make reservations in advance for private facilities to ensure that there is a space ready for you when you arrive. Here is a list of local accommodations.

For a more thorough explanation of gold mining techniques see Gold Mining in the 21st Century or the Modern Gold Mining Techniques video by Dave McCracken.