Dave Mack

Hi, we’re glad to see you!



Thank you for inquiring about The New 49’ers Prospecting Association. As founder and general manager of this exciting prospecting organization, I would like to extend to you a personal invitation to explore the opportunities and privileges that our members enjoy.

New 49’er members are continually demonstrating that the fun and excitement of gold prospecting can be enhanced through The New 49’ers activities and facilities. Gold recovery usually shows a dramatic upswing whenever individuals associate themselves with our organization.

The mining properties we make available to our members, which are located principally along the Klamath, Salmon, Scott Rivers and their creek tributaries near Happy Camp, California, have abundant gold and an established and proven gold mining history.

We are a serious prospecting organization – serious about recovering gold.

After reviewing this welcome message, if you would like additional information, I recommend you view our free 30-minute video.

This spirited presentation features a number of our members sharing their personal experiences of gold prospecting. It portrays the camaraderie and outdoor adventure we share. The video in DVD format is available free by contacting our office.

Dave McCracken
General Manager
New 49’ers