Dave Mack

“…This General Information will let you know what our goals are as a club, and what we strive to provide for our members.”

There is a particular feeling of freedom that comes with prospecting. It is something about the quiet beauty of nature’s great outdoors combined with the excitement and expectation of finding that sprinkling of radiant, sparkling gold color in your gold pan or sluice box.

There is the urgency of discovery; a momentum that seems to push those of us who know the challenge of gold to search further and to find that pocket of gold or perhaps some other important strike.

If you are like we are, your leisure time is hard-earned and greatly valued. This is something you want to spend as you choose in the company of people you like, or in the stillness and solitude of the great outdoors.

Our mission is to give you as much hassle-free, proven gold prospecting opportunity as possible at a truly affordable price. We provide our members with extensive and ongoing group mining programs, assistance, and direction. We are dedicated to facilitating our members’ prospecting and mining success.

Overall, the purpose of The New 49’ers is to assist our members to find

increased enjoyment and more profitable yields while helping to create more and more successful gold prospectors in our field. Each year we are proving that a large number of successful gold prospectors, associated together in a responsible way, have a chance to provide greater gold prospecting opportunities for all of us to enjoy. Through working together, we share an excellent opportunity to maintain our present mining rights–and perhaps, over time, even regain some of the rights all prospectors have lost in the past.

New 49’er members always seem willing to assist each other and share information and experiences so that everyone within the membership and even the industry will benefit. We are proud of our rapid growth and rock-solid expansion. Our organization is the fastest-growing membership organization of its type in the world, and the reasons for this growth are simple: We are well managed, have access to great gold-bearing and gold-producing properties, and the majority of our members sincerely believe in our aims and purposes. Traditionally, New 49’er members willingly contribute their efforts to make our program work. Because of this high quality of membership, there simply is no better prospecting opportunity available to most people today. The years have proven that as we grow, the gold recovery opportunities for members continue to get better and better.