How To Copy and Paste Text

Select or highlight the text you wish to move by holding the left mouse key at the beginning, do not lift your finger from the mouse. While holding it down, drag it through the text in a diagonal line, stopping at the end of the text you wish to move. Release the mouse.

The text should all remain highlighted, or darkened, showing that it has been selected.

In the toolbar at the top of your browser, click on “Edit.”

In the window that drops down, select “Copy.” You have now copied the text. Congratulations!

You can copy the URL of a webpage just by highlighting the address at the top of the browser in the address bar in this same way. Usually just clicking once on the address bar will highlight the URL.

Open a new email window, and put your cursor down into the message area where you will be typing your message, and click.

Go to “Edit” on the toolbar at the top of your email program, click on it and drop the window down, clicking on “Paste” this time, and it should place the copied text into the message area of the email, where you can modify it by adding your own personal information.

Congratulations, you have just learned one of the most useful tools at your disposal in the computer! Many things can be copied and pasted, saving a lot of typing.

Note: You may want to print this page to help you remember these instructions.