Important note concerning Mining & Dredging Seasons on this Property

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K-22A Doolittle Rapids

K-22A Doolittle Rapids – is another extension of a very long stretch of contiguous river claims which extend over 8 miles to our Richardson Bedrock property a short distance upstream from Happy Camp.  The lower boundary is located at  Highway 96 mile marker 35.5. This is mostly canyon property where few prospectors have been before. Some primitive paths and trails have been created to gain access, mostly up towards Doolittle Creek.

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PROSPECTS: The claims upstream have produced rich gold deposits from top to bottom, with members recovering many, many ounces during the past several years. A lot of dredging was done upstream of the canyon several years ago.  There has also been some productive dredging activity in and around the lower end of the canyon. There is exposed and shallow bedrock on both sides of the river, creating completely unexplored above and below water crevicing opportunities. For the most part, this long stretch of river has not been prospected or mined-and the prospects are exceptional.


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Doolittle Rapids Rapids mile marker K-22A Doolittle Rapids 005 K-22A Doolittle Rapids 006 K-22A Doolittle Rapids 007 K-22A Doolittle Rapids 011 K-22A Doolittle Rapids 014 K-22A Doolittle Rapids 015 K-22A Doolittle Rapids 016 K-22A Doolittle Rapids 021 K-22A Doolittle Rapids 023


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