YEARLY DUES: All Full Members pay yearly dues of $50. This is used to help acquire new gold properties for members to work, and to pay the annual fees and taxes necessary to preserve the substantial property holdings which we manage.

GETTING TO HAPPY CAMP Happy Camp is located about 65 miles to the west of Interstate 5 on Hwy 96 in northern California. We are about 40 miles from the Oregon border.

Our headquarters is located at 27 Davis Road, next to the Post Office in Happy Camp. Upon arrival, our office staff will register you and help you with any information or assistance you need.

If you arrive here when we are not open and you plan to camp in one of our campgrounds, it is recommended that you spend the first night or two in Curly Jack Campground, a USFS campground located just west of town. This is located on our K-22 claim.

Be sure to get a campfire permit from the local USFS office, located right in town, before you have any campfire. Campfire permits are required anywhere in the national forest.

WHAT TO BRING: Casual, comfortable clothing, shoes, boots or sneakers you can scramble around the rocks in and don’t mind getting wet, a hat to protect your head, sunscreen, and a water container to carry. If you are coming to a weekend or week-long group mining project, the motorized equipment used will be provided by The New 49’ers. Gold pans, individual digging tools and small items are not provided. If you are coming to work on your own, you will need to provide all of your own equipment. Everyone needs to provide their own transportation, lodging and all meals.

OTHER FACILITIES IN HAPPY CAMP: Happy Camp has a grocery store, gas station (card operated), several motels and RV parks, a bank, a post office, a liquor store, several restaurants, a hardware store, an automotive repair shop, a fully-stocked prospecting store, an auto parts store, two beauty salons, a medical clinic, dentist, physician, and generally has everything you will need.

Since the business community benefits greatly from income provided by members of The New 49’ers, and since our membership consists of people who are pleasant to be associated with, we are generally well accepted and supported. We have a cooperative relationship with local law enforcement, and New 49’er members are active in the local Lions Club, the Chamber of Commerce, and all or most other local church and civic organizations.

The New 49’ers

27 Davis Road / P.O. Box 47
Happy Camp, CA 96039
(530) 493-2012