April, 3, 2009

The Honorable Patricia Wiggins
California State Senate
State Capitol, Room 4081
Sacramento, CA 95814

Re: OPPOSE SB 670; suction dredge equipment permits.

Dear Senator Wiggins:

This letter is to inform you of my opposition to your bill SB 670. Your bill seeks to shut down a legal activity that myself and my family is engaged in. Why are you doing this when you know that there is an Environmental Impact Review already in progress on this issue?

It seems that suction dredge gold mining has been under constant attack since the court ordered the environmental review to be undertaken to determine what effect, if any that suction dredge gold mining has upon salmon spawning habitat. The Governor vetoed a bill in 2007 which dealt with this very same issue. The proponents of that bill have continued to attack us and falsely blame us on the decline of the salmon in the Klamath River.

Suction dredge mining is already limited to a short season that keeps the miners out of the rivers while there remains any possibility that we could dig into salmon redds. There are numerous studies which show suction dredge gold mining causes no harm to fish when they are not spawning.

If passed, your bill will destroy a vibrant part of California history, ruin the economies of rural counties and deny citizens our property rights. The allure of this activity is the same as that which brought the 49ers to California during the Gold Rush. It is part of our heritage.

This is not an inexpensive hobby or avocation. I spend a lot of money on equipment, lodging and contribute to the economy of mostly rural California. The average small-scale dredger spends an estimated $3,000 or more per month when mining. Much of this money is spent in local, rural economies where mining is popular. Also, the tax revenues generated from expenditures such as fuel, groceries, camping, and mining supplies, means that rural counties and the State of California benefit as well.

An often overlooked fact about suction dredge mining is that many of us have federal mining claims. Your bill, if passed, would violate our private property rights and would result in a very significant “takings” liability against the state. There have been numerous Federal and state court cases which have upheld these federal property rights.


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cc: Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
The Honorable Darrell Steinberg
The Honorable Dennis Hollingsworth
The New 49’™ers Prospecting Association