State Land area open to suction dredging under a General Authorization by Department of State Lands and a Water Quality Permit issued by the Department of Environmental Quality

SU-15 Snapshot

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UPSTREAM: 42 56’25.92″N, 123 15’46.40″W
DOWNSTREAM: 42 56’23.86″N, 123 15’59.22″W

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SU-15-1  SU-15-2  SU-15-3  SU-15-4

This public area is open bank to bank, the entire width of the river.  It is almost a quarter-mile in length and is located in Douglas County proper.  It is posted as a day-use area only.

 Access Point SU-15-A

GOOGLE EARTH COORDINATES: 42 56’23.60″N, 123 15’53.40″W

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SU-15A-1  SU-15A-2  SU-15A-3  SU-15A-4  SU-15A-5

This public location is Pickett Park, a Douglas County Park located at the end of Canyonville Park Road. Note: It is not at the end of Pickett Lane. There are no parking fees.  There is a paved boat ramp with plenty of parking.  The park is completely surrounded by private land.  This area is a day use area only.

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