State Land area open to suction dredging under a General Authorization by Department of State Lands and a Water Quality Permit issued by the Department of Environmental Quality

SU-9 Snapshot

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UPSTREAM: 43 04’07.41″N, 123 22’16.00″W
DOWNSTREAM: 43 04’30.70″N, 123 22’07.17″W

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SU-9-1  SU-9-2  SU-9-3

This public access area is open from bank to bank, the entire width of the river.  The location is in Douglas County proper and is posted by Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) as a public day use area.  It is just over 2/3rds of a mile in length.  There is lots of gravel at this location.

 Access Point SU-9-A

GOOGLE EARTH COORDINATES: 43 04’09.26″N, 123 22’14.45″W

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SU-9A-1  SU-9A-2  SU-9A-3

This is gravel public access point is at the end of paved Weigle Rd.  There is ample parking with 4×4 access to the riverbank, or a short pack-in for 2-wheel-drive vehicles.  It is posted as a day-use area by ODOT.  The downstream rancher is not dredger-friendly.  Please respect his private property.

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