Member Testimonials:

“I am very happy and proud to be a member of The New 49’ers. Throughout my life I have always wanted to be gold mining. The main things stopping me were the lack of good paying ground that was available to me (it’s out there but requires numerous hours of research); hands-on experience and demonstrations from a knowledgeable source; and last but not least, moral support. The New 49’ers came through with much more! The mining properties made available to me through The New 49’ers have proven rich enough for me to feel confident in leaving a $45,000 a year job, moving to “Gold Country,” and to start mining professionally. The vast amount of knowledge of the staff and membership is willingly shared. And my new friends are helping me through any and all problems.”
Michael E. Higbee
New 49’er Member

“As a beginning miner and a member of The New 49’ers, it is my desire to educate myself by taking advantage of the numerous group mining programs offered by The New 49’ers. How else can a novice beginner learn the proper approach to mining on legitimate claims? It is only through serious organizations such as The New 49’ers that a beginner has such an opportunity. Therefore I endorse this organization’s efforts toward small-scale gold prospecting most energetically.”
Roy S. Hickok
New 49’er Member

“Prior to joining The New 49’ers, we attempted to locate a private claim for purchase, but were discouraged by the few choices available and the excessive prices.We are the parents of two teenaged boys, so our time available for mining is limited to the summer months. It is imperative to us to get into a productive area, since the mining we do is our only source of income for three months out of each year. We have succeeded in doing this since we joined The New 49’ers. We have recovered numerous jewelry specimens as well as enough gold to meet our personal expenses.”
John and Anita Harrington
New 49’er Members

“We appreciate the efforts you are making in maintaining an organization which follows the plan of operations. I hope this cordial working relationship can be maintained and expanded.”
John G. Greer
District Ranger, U.S. Forest Service