Important note concerning Mining & Dredging Seasons on this Property

Google Earth Coordinates: 41 49’45.0″N 122 36’16.5″W

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The lower boundary of this claim is located at mile marker 102.5 on Highway 96. Route 263 is the road which follows the Shasta River to Yreka. The upper boundary of UK-4 is located a half-mile downstream from where Route 263 meets Highway 96. Watch for the Club’s boundary signs posted on trees alongside Highway 96. There is a river access area towards the lower end of the claim.

While there is some room for some camping at the river access area, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) enforces a two week camping limit at this location. Please be very careful to not block or inhibit the use by others of this river access. It is a popular rafting launch and fishing area for local residents.

PROSPECTS: This is historically one of the richest sections of the Klamath River. Pan-tests along the high water mark are showing consistent color. There is some incredible-looking bedrock out in the river!

Just so you know, this new claim is only about a mile upstream from where Dave McCracken dredged up a 15.5 ounce gold nugget and recovered 24 ounces of gold on a single day! We have been watching this claim for many years. Now we have it!

Several members have begun dredge-testing on the claim and have been turning up fines, flakes and small nuggets out of a hard-packed natural streambed which is on bedrock, and sometimes on a cemented layer of older streambed (false bedrock). There is excellent potential on this claim!

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