Opposition to Oregon Senate Bill 838

lf SB 838  is passed into law, it will put a complete end to suction dredge gold mining in the entire State of Oregon!

This bill is not based upon any science or rational justification. It is being pushed by anti-mining activists that want to eliminate the last remaining productive economic activity on America’s public lands. The bill has been introduced as an emergency measure “for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health and safety.” Emergency bills move through the legislative process on fast track and become law as soon as they are passed. Therefore, we do not have much time to voice our opposition.

Here are some talking points that you can copy over to emails or letters to the Oregon lawmakers in the Senate:

Oregon Senate Bill 838 

  • Prohibits any and all suction dredging for gold in the state of Oregon
  • Will take away jobs and small-business for thousands of people in Oregon.
  • A maximum of one year in prison and a $6,250 fine or both.
  • SB 838 is a takings of our mining rights.
  • SB 838 is preempted by the Federal Mining Law.
  • SB 838 will cause state-wide takings litigation by miners against the state of Oregon.
  • The enormous cost to the state defending SB 838 will be prohibitive.
  • SB 838 is not supported by real environmental science or rational thinking.  It is being pushed by anti-mining extremists who are trying to get working Americans off the public lands.
  • We are fed up with government officials taking away property and the ability of everyday Americans to make a living! Enough is enough! This nonsense has got to stop here and now!

Here is a list of the 30 Oregon Senators.  Since we want to voice a lot of opposition, we encourage you to direct your opposition of this bill to all of the senators.

Here is our challenge:  Even if all of the republican senators vote the bill down, we must also get at least two democratic senators to vote our way in order to kill this very destructive bill.  This is why we placed the list of democratic senators at the top of the list.  According to our sources, the four senators at the top of the list (names in red) may be receptive to reasonable opposition to this bill.  At the very least, please make contact with those four senators!

We must flood the Oregon senate with very vocal opposition right now!  Calling their offices with firm opposition would be very productive!

Here are some important points:

1)      The subject line in your emails should say, Opposition to Senate Bill 838!

2)      Written opposition will not even be considered unless you include your name and address.

3)      Be polite and courteous, even if you are expressing anger.  Do not make any threats!

4)      While there is no problem copying over the talking points above, the written communication should be from you.  Tell these lawmakers we are sick and tired of the government taking away our property and our opportunities to make a living!  “These destructive shenanigans have to end now!”

Just at the time when we have figured out how to do some underwater suction mining in California, this is not the time for us to lose all of Oregon!  If we do not all pull together and kill this bill right now, we will find ourselves devoting years trying to overcome it through expensive litigation!  Please help!