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“Legal challenge to Oregon’s 5-year moratorium on small-scale motorized mining which began in January of 2016″

As a result of aggressive prompting by environmental groups, Oregon lawmakers have passed a 5-year moratorium on small-scale motorized mining along most of Oregon’s gold-bearing waterways.  The moratorium took affect in January of 2016.

A group of mining associations, business, and individuals in Oregon have banded together and hired James Buchal (same attorney who has been representing us and others in California) to challenge Oregon’s moratorium.  The case is so cut and dry on the basis of established federal law, the miners have asked the federal court for an expedited summary judgment in hopes of saving the 2016 season.  You can find the legal arguments here.

As of now, motorized placer mining permits are not available for prospecting in or nearby most of Oregon’s proven gold-bearing waterways.  Please stay tuned for updated news on this as time moves forward.