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FIRST QUARTER, FEBRUARY 2017                               VOLUME 31, NUMBER 2

Dave McCracken


Newsletter By Dave McCracken General Manager


Anyone who is paying attention knows that there are a lot of changes already happening in just the first two weeks since Donald Trump has taken over as President of the United States. Clearly the very determined trend is in the direction of undoing the death grip that too much government has had on the American economy and our liberty. Things are moving very fast, some which are generally coming in our direction.

As one example, here is an answer given by Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, to conservative talk host, Lars Larson, at a White House briefing yesterday on national television:

First; to me, it is remarkable that the new White House is allowing conservative talk hosts to participate in the daily briefings!  Secondly, Mr. Spicer’s answer suggests that the new Administration is aware that natural resources from the public lands, including minerals, must be utilized to expand the economy. This is especially hopeful to us! 

It was also telling several days ago when President Trump encouraged Canada to resubmit its application to build the Keystone Pipeline. Mr. trump said the application would likely be approved quickly.  But even more importantly, he insisted that all of the pipe will be manufactured in the U.S., “We are going to put a lot of skilled workers back to work…like we used to in the old days.” 

Based upon the executive orders President Trump has signed so far, his executive appointees, and his choice of federal appeals court judge Neil Gorsuch to fill the vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court, my impression is that he fully intends to put Americans and our country first again. What a relief!

And as if the stars were really lining up in our favor, Brandon Rinehart filed his Petition with the U.S. Supreme Court just today (3 February)!  Pacific Legal Foundation’s very enlightening press release can be found right here:

The problem is, that while the Trump Team is off to a strong start on the new “America First” agenda, they are getting crucified by most American and international media outlets and some liberal foreign leaders.  Most mainstream press organizations are owned and managed by liberal organizations that have been working for decades to destroy America from the inside. My impression is that they are going absolutely bonkers while Mr. Trump and his team are undoing their dirty work with steadfast determination. 

Action Alert 

There are so many important things happening at the moment which will affect the remainder of our lives, the future of America and the world, I encourage everyone to make a stand right now and tell Donald Trump that we are 100% in favor of his efforts. We must encourage him to “Stay the course!”

The whole world hangs in the balance! 

Violent outbreaks by our adversaries on the left have already started. They may get a lot worse. My prediction is that the forces (“the dark side”) which hate traditional America are going to organize to do whatever they can to stop the Trump Train.  As far as I am aware, this is the first real chance we have had of in my lifetime to get America back on track with what our founders intended during the first American revolution. We are now in the second American revolution.  I don’t think it is unreasonable to assume that the biggest battles and most dangerous challenges are still in front of us.

For the moment, a very productive thing we all could do to lend support is to send a letter or an electronic message to Donald Trump and let him know that we fully support his efforts.  Let’s not allow the main stream press do our talking for us.

And just to be sure that small-scale miners don’t fall through the cracks, please inform Mr. Trump that we have been getting rolled over for the past nine years by the very same groups and individuals that are trying to bring him down.  I am attaching a letter from the attorney who has represented our industry since the beginning of our difficulties. The letter explains our situation quite well.

I see the Trump Train as the solution to the problems our industry is having with the various States, especially California and Oregon.  This, because most small-scale mining takes place on the public lands. There is no way America is going to rebuild its entire infrastructure and military if State agencies will continue to be allowed to obstruct resource development on the public lands. So there is a battle coming between the Trump Train and obstructionist State agencies. I’m guessing it’s going to happen soon. I’m also betting we are going to win.

So let’s cheer on the champion for our side. Please send Mr. Trump some encouragement and a copy of Mr. Buchal’s letter. The postal address is on Mr. Buchal’s letter.  You can direct an electronic message right here: (Click on the “Participate” tab at the top of the page). In that case, include this link to Mr. Buchal’s letter into your message.

I would be very proud if we could generate thousands of encouragement letters from our industry supporters.   Thanks for whatever you guys can do!


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