November _____, 2014


Supreme Court of California
350 McAllister Street
San Francisco, CA 94102-4797

Re:       People v. Rinehart, Third Appellate District, Case No. C074662

Response to the People’s Request for Depublication

To the Honorable Tani Goree Cantil-Sakauye, Chief Justice of California, and to the Honorable Associate Justices of the California Supreme Court:  

Pursuant to California Rule of Court 8.1125(b), I write to request that the Court deny the People’s request to depublish the opinion issued in People v. Rinehart, Third Appellate District Case No. C074662, 230 Cal. App.4th 419 (September 23, 2014).

As a suction dredge miner in the State of California, I have been denied my federal statutory right to explore and develop mineral claims on federal land in the State of California since 2009.  Ever since the first statute stopping the Department of Fish and Wildlife’s longstanding permit program, the mining community has been engaged in civil litigation to establish that the State may not arbitrarily single out suction dredging for precious metals from all other suction dredging and other dredging activities, and refuse to issue any permits whatsoever.  But no judge in any of the multiple civil cases has reached the merits of this claim, despite multiple motions and requests to do so.

Mr. Rinehart, at great personal cost, undertook to get the criminal justice system to demonstrate that the State’s regulatory power does not extend to a blanket prohibition that frustrates mineral development on federal land.  The civil lawsuits now remain before the San Bernardino County Superior Court.  There are settlement negotiations underway that could lead to the resumption of permit issuance.  If the opinion is depublished, it will embolden the opponents of suction dredge mining who seek a permanent ban, and threaten to cause those settlement negotiations into pointless relitigation of the question.

It is worth noting that the State itself, in a joint motion seeking calendar preference before the Court of Appeal, acknowledged that the Rinehart opinion would “provide important guidance to the Superior Court in the coordinated proceedings”.  Now that the case has come out confirming the position of the miners, by its request the State seeks to prevent the miners from even citing it to the Superior Court.  This is unjust.

The Rinehart opinion meets the standards of publication because even though it addresses a particularly unique misuse of legislative authority to destroy a long-standing permit program, and applied clear federal and state precedents, it clarifies an issue of continuing public interest, and explains longstanding rules of federal supremacy in the mining context so that all parties can fashion a reasonable and workable permit program.

Please deny the State’s request for depublication, and thank you for your consideration of this request.



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