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THIRD  QUARTER, AUGUST 2013                                VOLUME 27, NUMBER  8

Dave Mack



By Dave McCracken




 Ray and Peggy Pointing at gold

Ray & Peggy Derick showing off gold recently discovered in the Klamath River.

Guy on floats

Derek Eimer spotted just a small gold nugget on the bedrock about five weeks ago while he was testing out his new underwater gravel transfer system.  Since then, he has opened up cracks full of big, gleaming gold nuggets, several weighing nearly an ounce.  He says turning up all that gold has been one of the greatest and most exciting experiences of his life!

The good news is that he is just getting started. Derek has invited several of his close friends to help him mine up the pay-streak — which could go on for years, if they are lucky.  The following video segments tell much of the story:

2013 Season is Going Great!

We just completed the forth very successful weekend Group Mining Project on our Mega-hole property at K-15A, recovering the most gold, per person, of the season.


New 49'ers having a good time Record gold

The following video sequence captured some of the fun and excitement on the project just this past weekend:

We continue to have so much activity centered around Happy Camp this season, the town almost looks like the bustling economy that it was in the 1980’s and 90’s!

There have been a lot of members doing surface mining on the far side of the river, and a few in the river (finding nice nuggets), along our new A & D #3 property at K-23AA.  There remains a New 49’er encampment there on the large pull-off along the side of Hwy 96.

Work party Smile

There has also been quite a lot of action and excitement down on the new Middle Independence property at K-24A, though some of those members have since moved to Indian Creek and other places where new gold strikes are being developed.

Nuggets John

There are nearly always some nuggets to go around during the weekend projects!

There are members scattered all up and down our properties.  Most of them are doing surface mining activity. At present, there are only a few underwater suction mining programs working along our properties.  Some of the underwater miners have immigrated up to Oregon to operate suction dredges.

More recently, we are seeing a new wave of underwater crevice miners on our properties.  Some of these prospectors are using small motorized, floating hookah systems to allow them to remain underwater for longer periods of time.  One member told me over the weekend that he and a buddy recovered nearly 5 ounces of beautiful gold out of a single crack in the bedrock.  This just proves that where there is a will, there is a way!  You don’t really need a motorized suction device to recover the gold from the bottom of a waterway where there is shallow streambed to move out of the way.

Underwater Gravel Transfer Systems will now be Adjudicated in San Bernardino

As outlined last month, on 2 July, the Superior Court of Siskiyou County issued a temporary restraining order (TRO) that prevented the State of California from enforcing Emergency Regulations that would prevent us from pursuing our new method of underwater suction mining in Siskiyou County. This means we were able to continue using our underwater gravel transfer systems until the Siskiyou County Court was to consider a more permanent injunction.

The case has since been transferred to the San Bernardino Superior Court, where the judge has issued a “Stay” on the proceedings at least until 27 August. While the law is kind of murky in this area, we are assuming that the Judge’s “Stay” has also locked in the Temporary Restraining Order that was already in affect.

This was kind of reinforced a few days ago when two wardens told some of our members that underwater gravel transfer is alright until further notice.

Here is a memo from our attorney that attempts to make sense of the existing situation.

It will be 27 August before the San Bernardino Superior Court will address suction dredging issues (suction mining with a sluice). We will put the word out immediately on our Internet Message Forum if anything changes on this.

2013 Annual Dues Billed This Month

We bill $50 for annual dues to all Full Members in August. This is because most of the costs, especially property taxes,associated with maintaining our extensive mining properties come due before September.  The Bureau of Land Management last year substantially increased annual filing fees to hold mining properties. So we thank you for your support on this!

Other Announcements

Dave's goldGiving away 3 ounces of Klamath River gold! The substantial response to our previous legal fund-raiser has prompted Richard Krimm and me to put up 3 ounces of the gold we have mined on the Klamath River this season for the next drawing prizes. Check it out right here! 

All of our recent wins have been the direct result of your continued support.  Thanks for whatever you can do!

Stage 1 Fire Restrictions:  Until further notice, the U.S. Forest Service is not allowing internal combustion engines in the Klamath National Forest, except on established roadways and on active waterways.  Therefore, members who are pursuing motorized high-banking activity over the past few weeks have been placing their pumps either out on floats, or on piles of rocks and material constructed in the shallow water.

One more Weekend Project this season:  All members are invited to attend our final weekend Group Mining Project of the 2013 season and keep an equal share of the gold that we recover.  It will take place on August 24 & 25.

5-inch Dredge for Sale:  Speaking of contributions, two of our most supportive members recently donated a 5-inch Keene side-by-side triple sluice suction dredge, along with all of the extras, weight belts, wet suits, pry bars; even fuel containers – pretty much the whole package to get started.  The gear is in good running condition, and is available $3,500 (about 3 ounces of gold).  Please call Montine to make a deal you cannot refuse: 530 493-2062.

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