The best 6-inch dredge


6-inch Proline dredge with 4th-generation double-screen classification
Price:  $20,000 (U.S.)
This is the most advanced 6-inch dredge ever built!

Dave Mack

By Dave McCracken

I came into this 6-inch Proline with very few hours on it from a friend, waiting years for the California moratorium to be lifted, who has finally retired from suction dredging.  Master dredge builder, Gary Wright, and I have devoted countless evening hours (labor of love) turning this into the best 6-inch dredge ever built.

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High-grade riffles at head of box Miners moss under high-grade riffles Eigth-inch screen under high-grade riffles Matt under screen in high-grade section Rubber mat in high-grade section

This 6-incher is a step up from my own Pro-Mack 5-incher (which is the 3rd generation of double screen classification) largely because we have added a high-grade gold recovery section at the head of the box which recovers all the larger sized gold and has preliminary fine gold recovery section that can be cleaned up every day with minimal effort.  This is a huge time saver because it allows you to leave the super-fine gold recovery sections alone (without any worry of gold loss from them) until they are worth the time to clean-up.

Two additional floatation modules have been added, along with decking so one or two people can get onto the dredge even when it is operating.  The 263-Gast compressor allows for two divers.  Very low hours on the twin 9-HP Honda motors with authentic Proline pumps (best in the world).

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Double screen classification Fine gold recovery system

The most valuable part of this dredge is the double classification system.  After the high-grader up front (which recovers an important portion of your daily gold), there is initially a 3/8-inch classification screen which allows all the larger-sized material to be immediately discarded as tailings.  Under the 3/8th in screen is an additional 1/8th inch screen which allows another cut of the oversized material to be discarded into tailings.  Material which drops through the 1/8th inch screen (all of the gold that is not trapped in the high-grade section at the head of the box) is then washed across a combination of turned-up expanded metal over top of ribbed rubber matting.  From years of extensive testing, we have found that it does not get any better than this for processing volume amounts of material through a suction dredge.  This system and technology is basically priceless, since it only exists through custom-made fabrication by only a few people.  The two classification screens are adjustable in height. This allows flows to be modified on all three levels according to the needs of different locations.  Machining to allow these adjustments is by far the best ever done.

Here are some live videos which demonstrate this dredge:

Here is what is included:

  • 6-inch Proline dredge platform with an extra set of pontoons on the front end (dredge is in brand new condition).
  • Non-slip decking to allow ease of movement and gear-storage on the platform.
  • T-tie-offs on all four corners
  • Twin 9-HP motors in brand new condition
  • 263-Gast compressor with storage tank and pressure gauge that will supply air to 2 divers (brand new condition)
  • Tachometers on both motors so you can set the desired RPM’s.
  • Oversized 6-inch power jet and flare that will prevent nearly all plug-ups.  Quick connect system allows the suction hose to be easily removed by triggering two snaps.
  • 25-foot 6-inch suction hose in new condition.
  • Six-inch swivel nozzle with break-away flap in new condition.
  • Double-screen classification system for the best fine-gold recovery possible on a suction dredge, with a high-grade recovery system at the head of the box for quick and easy daily or controlled sampling.

This dredge is located in secure storage at Happy Camp, California (near the Oregon border).  Viewing can be arranged by calling Montine during normal business hours at 530 493-2062.

We are (slightly) negotiable on the price in the event you are willing to pay in cash or gold.  Full payment will be required in advance before the dredge is taken away; no exceptions!

Buyer must arrange shipping from Happy Camp, California.  We can help dismantle the unit, or help load it onto your trailer.

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2 motors with flap up Floatation is good RPM meters on motors Honda with compressor2 Long shot



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