Dave Mack

“…This page shows you just a few of the privileges you will enjoy as a New 49’er member.”

 Property: Access to around 60 linear miles of proven gold-producing properties. There are miles and miles of beautiful and scenic creek, river and dry claims just waiting for members to pan, sluice, dry-wash, and metal detect or perform other types of prospecting activity. There is also mining property associated with our Southern Headquarter locations in Arizona.

 Camping: As a member, you may camp free and mine on or near most of our mining properties in northern California, providing you are actively prospecting. We are expanding our camping areas on a continual basis and currently have dozens upon dozens of dry camping areas that are ideal for RV or tent-type adventures. Commercial campgrounds, RV parks and motels are also available and generally offer special rates to New 49’er members.

 Learning Through Experience: During the mining season, we have an ongoing program which provides you with the best hands-on opportunities available today in sampling, sluicing (usually with motorized pumps), panning, gold cleanup procedures, electronic prospecting and other gold prospecting techniques.

 Group Prospecting Projects: Regularly-scheduled organized week-long gold mining projects are sometimes available to you for an additional fee-in which each participant is able to share in the work and rewards.

 Success: Most of our active members say that because of the quality of our properties and assistance, they recover more gold within our program than on any previous prospecting venture.

 Newsletter: As a member, you will receive a newsletter on a regular basis along with periodic special bulletins. These important updates keep members informed and solicit your suggestions on important organizational matters and affairs.

 Accident Insurance:  All members are eligible to receive our low-cost group accident plan.

 Friendship: The New 49’ers are miners willing to help each other. The camaraderie we have created makes our program a truly great experience. Families are welcome.

We have created a fraternal organization in the truest sense of the word.
Our motto is “Miners Helping Miners.”Our members are willing to assist each other and share their information and experiences so that everyone can have fun and recover more gold.