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FOURTH QUARTER, NOVEMBER 2016                               VOLUME 30, NUMBER 11

Dave McCracken


Newsletter By Dave McCracken General Manager

I have been drafting a great success story about a mining couple who just recently opened up a rich gold strike on New 49’er properties and recovered 80 beautiful nuggets and a bunch of other gold in just four days of digging in the shallow deposit.But since all attention is going to be on the election this next week, and what it might mean to the future of our industry, and to America, I have decided to hold the story until next month and immediately publish the list of prize winners from The New 49’ers Legal Fund drawing which took place on 21 October.

nugget find


Legal Fund Prize Winners!

Twenty 1-pennyweight Bags of Klamath River Gold Nuggets:  Ryck Rowan of Spokane, WA; Ryck Rowan of Spokane, WA; Michael Kirkpatrick of Bend, OR; Ryck Rowan of Spokane, WA; Ryck Rowan of Spokane, WA; David Thomson of Grand Canyon, AZ; Ryck Rowan of Spokane, WA; Robert Johnson of Lake Almanor, CA; Gary Zentner of Redmond, OR; Larry Brown of Benbrook, TX; Rod Jackman of Yakima, WA; JoAnne McClure of Quartzsite, AZ; Cal Lanfear of Talent, OR; Donald Barnhart of Corinne, UT; Jason Kresin of Queensland Australia; David Vidal of Quebec Canada; Rod Jackman of Yakima, WA; Kurt Hauck of Highland, NY; Justin Nash of Kansas City, KS; and Dennis Scharosch of Sacramento, CA.

Four quarter-ounce bags of Klamath River Gold Nuggets:  Scott McGrosso of Escondido, CA; Brian Fitzmauirce of San Mateo, CA; Stan Smart of Stockton, CA; and Robert Youngs of Naselle, WA.

Grand Prize winner for 1-ounce of Klamath River Gold Nuggets:  Van Wilhite of West Point CA.

Thank you very much to all of you who participated. We can consider this another successful legal fund-raiser. While sometimes it is not until the final week or few days of these drawings, you guys always do come through to support our efforts on behalf of small-scale miners. We would have lost our industry a long time ago if it were not for you.

In anticipation of continued legal challenges ahead, The New 49’ers Legal Fund has begun a new fund-raiser with 3 ounces of gold American Eagles and 10 ounces of silver American Eagles (25 prizes in all). The drawing will take place at our headquarters in Happy Camp, California on 24 February 2017. More details can be found right here:

Legal Update

Now that the California Supreme Court has ruled on the Rinehart case, we will resume ongoing litigation of multiple disputes with the State of California concerning suction dredging for gold. All of these cases have been consolidated in the Superior Court of San Bernardino. Judge Ochoa has decided that we will begin with a Status Conference on 15 November.  Here is the Miners Case Status Statement which has just been filed with the court.

Just as we are going to press with this newsletter, the State has filed a Statement suggesting that all further litigation be placed on hold until the Rinehart case appeal (even to the U.S. Supreme Court) is fully resolved.

2017 Scheduled Weekend Projects

Our weekend surface mining projects for 2017 will be on the following dates:  June 3 & 4; June 24 & 25; July 15 & 16; August 5 & 6; August 26 & 27. These are free to all members.  We will consider adding other types of events if we get strong feedback from you guys.

We Have Switched to Winter Hours

Based upon the amount of activity we had last winter, in order to conserve resources, we are cutting back the hours which the office will be open between now and the first of May: WINTER HOURS: We are open between 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday. If you call the office while we are closed, please leave a voice message and we will get back to you. Thanks for your understanding.

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