Douglas County Oregon is known as the “Land of Umpqua”.

There are many opportunities for the summer vacationer to visit and enjoy in this area. Below is a list of a few of the many things and places to see and enjoy. It is recommended that a visit to the Roseburg Visitors Center website is a great place to start. Make sure to check out the event calendar on their website.

City of Roseburg Visitors Center & Convention Bureau
410 SE Spruce Street
PO Box 1262
Roseburg, OR 97470
541-672-9731 / 1-800-444-9584

The China Ditch is a thirty mile long canal excavated by as many as 200 Chinese laborers. This water was to supply mining along Myrtle Creek, a tributary of the South Umpqua. The BLM and USFS have created a driving tour of the area. Below is a link with information about the site just east of the town of Myrtle Creek Oregon.

There are many farms that dot the Umpqua landscape. There are many produce stands, and even some u-pick farms. The Land of Umpqua is also famous for Hazelnuts. The listing below is far from complete, but it will help get you started, beginning with a listing for the oldest farmer’s market in Douglas County that is open every Saturday, from 9am – 1pm from mid April thru October.

Umpqua Valley Farmers Market
2052 NE Diamond Lake Blvd
Roseburg, Oregon

If you are not familiar with CSA farming,(community supported agriculture), watch this video.

Grapes have become a major crop in Douglas County. There are numerous wineries located throughout the Land of Umpqua. Below is a map of the area’s vineyards and wineries.

A guided tour of area vineyards and wineries so you don’t have to drive.

Southern Oregon is famous for the wild mushrooms that grow there. Because there are numerous varieties of mushrooms that are toxic and/or poisonous, it is highly recommended that you should educate yourself about wild mushrooms before you ever consider consuming any. There are regulations on picking wild mushrooms on BLM and US Forest Service lands. The sites below should help you get started if this interests you.

Winston Oregon is the home of Wildlife Safari. This is a 600 acre drive thru Wild Animal Park. Pets are not allowed on the drive through the park; however the park does have kennels available at no cost if you have your own padlock. They also have an RV park onsite with a three day stay limit. This would be a great hit with the kids.

The North Umpqua River is a wild and scenic river, and is home to many of natures wonders. Don’t miss the waterfalls. The Umpqua National Forest encompasses most of the North Umpqua and a small portion of the South Umpqua Rivers.

There are also BLM lands located in Douglas County. Camping on BLM land is limited to 14 days, then you must relocate at least 25 miles away to continue camping on BLM land.

Off highway vehicle (OHV) use, ATVs, is regulated in Oregon and requires your ATV to be permitted by the state of Oregon. This includes Quads, 3 wheelers, jeeps, Sand Rails, SUVs, Side x Sides, and motorcycles that are to be used off road. On road use requires those ATVs to be titled, registered and insured. For more information on this subject, see the websites below.

Oregon Dept. of Fish & Wildlife requires all motor boats and all manually powered boats over ten feet in length to have an aquatic invasive species permit. This includes jet skis, wet bikes, etc. Boats registered in Oregon have this permit included in their annual boat license. The permit for motor boats is non transferable from boat to boat, however the permit for manual boats, ie rafts, kayaks, etc. can be transferred from watercraft to watercraft. You must have this permit in your possession if you are stopped or you will be cited. A “boat” is defined in ORS 830.005 (2): “Boat” means every description of watercraft, including a seaplane on the water and not in flight, used or capable of being used as a means of transportation on the water, but does not include boathouses, floating homes, air mattresses, beach and water toys or single inner tubes. Oregon also passed a new invasive species boat inspection law this year. If there is a boat inspection site set up with signs and you have a boat and fail to stop and have your boat inspected, you will be cited. For more information visit the following website:

Also, if your boat is registered in Oregon, you are required to have completed a mandatory boater’s safety course. Out of state boaters operating a boat registered out of state are exempt from this regulation “IF” you will be in the state of Oregon less than 60 days. This means that if you plan on dredging in Oregon for more than two months and you will be using an out of state registered boat or personal water craft, then you must have proof you have taken an approved boaters safety course from another state or you must take an Oregon approved course. The Oregon boater’s safety course is available online. One of the approved on line courses is free, look closely.

More boater safety information;

50 places to fish within 60 minutes of Roseburg Oregon.

Fishing and hunting licenses are available from many retail stores all over Oregon. The Oregon Dept of Fish & Wildlife website has a lot of information available. The Rogue, Illinois, Applegate and Umpqua rivers are located in ODF&W zone 5, SW Oregon. The following web pages have more information on fishing and hunting. Zone 5 Fishing & Hunting report;

Fishing license information;

Hunting license information

A separate Oregon license is required for shellfish, (crabs, clams, shrimp, scallops, etc.). You only need the shellfish license, not a fishing license to fish for shellfish.

Be aware that there may be health closures during the year preventing harvesting of shellfish because of waterborne bacteria, ie red tide. Make sure there are no public health closures before you harvest any shellfish in Oregon. Call the shellfish safety hotline, 503-986-4728 or 1-800-448-2474 for closure information. The following website provides more information on this subject;

Crayfish and bullfrogs can be caught without a fishing license from Oregon Fish & Wildlife. You can catch 100 crayfish per day per person with a two day possession limit (200 crayfish), however, you may not use a fishing pole with a hook on it to catch crayfish. There is no possession limit on bullfrogs. Either may be caught year round. It is illegal to harvest or posses freshwater clams or mussels unless you posses a special permit issued by ODF&W.

If you would like your business, activity, event or information to be added to this information guide, please call our office at 530-493-2012 and provide the necessary details. We apologize if we missed you, but there is no way we have the time to make any of these lists complete.